My research to develop a cure for Malaria began over 8 years ago when my wife, Bonita, and I conducted medical missions in Port-du-Prince, Haiti.  At a Christian orphanage directed by Roberta Audate, we observed malaria for the first time. Having seen the advantages of using low dose chemotherapy drugs in treating cancer, where the immune system remains intact and active against the cancer, I decided to help Roberta with the children in her care by giving them low dose PeroxyBioFlavonoids.  We used an extended time of 16 days in the hope of immunizing the patients against the malaria by transitioning through the IgM/IgG maturation and stimulating whatever innate immunity that may also play a role. With Haitian governmental approval for a time, we were able to follow the effects of my treatment over the years in over 500 people.  Though not using the normal protocol for a scientific study, this group included a close knit community of 15 churches.  Furthermore, children were selected and followed from a daily feeding program conducted by Roberta with over 165 children, including Roberta’s 20+ children who lived at her house.  We saw no failures.

Please view this link of my last interview with Roberta in March, 2015.  Sadly a few months ago, she was shot and killed just outside the orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Roberta inspired us to pursue a more scientific study in Nigeria with the fortunate meeting with Dr. Emmanuel Akanni at the AACR cancer meeting about two years ago. 

The accompanying Powerpoint shows the impact of our PeroxyBioflavonoid therapy. 

Jerry Thornthwaite, Ph.D.