Almost all drugs taken orally degrade in the stomach and intestines creating poor bioa-
vailability and potentially toxic by-products. We are a nutraceutical company dedicat-
ed in preventing degradation and allowing high bioavailability. For example , Curcu-
min is virtually undetectable in the bloodstream and Vitamin C has only a 0.7% bioa-
vailability, whereas our NutraSphereTM Curcumin or Vitamin C products show 90-98% recovery into the bloodstream within 30 minutes after taking an oral dose. Further-
more, all of our NutraSphereTM products are water soluble, without taste, are stable at room temperature, and promote health & wellness. Nutraceutical combinations are relatively inexpensive.

Nutraceutical Delivery with the NutraNanoSpheresTM

Nutraceuticals are encapsulated in water soluble liposomes. NutraNanoSpheresTM that survive the journey through the stomach and intestines and fuse with the tissue membranes to deposit the compounds safely into the bloodstream.

These products are for health & wellness, not meant to treat or cure any disease. They have not been evaluated by the FDA,but are manufactured under GMP Standards.

Scientific research has shown the efficacy of Curcumin and Vitamin C even with their poor bioavailability in pill form NutraNanoSpheresTM fuses with the cell membrane and releases the nutraceutical into the bloodstream.

Traditional Pharmacology

Degradation into potentially toxic byproducts and poor bioavailability with Tablets and Capsules.

Advantages of the NutraSpheresTM

  • Bioavailibility
  • No Degradation
  • Water Soluble
  • Stable
  • Health & Wellness
  • Versatile
  • Inexpensive

NutraNanoSpheresTM, which are over a thousand times smaller in diameter that a human red cell. This small size assures a bioavailability of greater than 90% regardless of the encapsulated component.